for what ails you

This shitty, wet weather has made for one damp companion animal.
Constant rain = moist hound.

Rufus is getting on in years and has been ailment free his entire life - he's nine and a half and has never required anything more than an annual grease and oil change. An unexpected side effect of the saturated environs is he has developed 'hotspots' for the first time in his life. Acute moist pyoderma or moist eczema to be accurate. Nasty, nasty raw oozing sores that just erupt from nowhere.

After initially panicking and convincing myself
   A. he was terminal
   B. I'd have to donate him to veterinary science to pay the vets bill
I did some research into home remedies. Apparently Apple Cider Vinegar is the shizz for all manner of skin complaints in animals... who knew!

$11.50 later, latex gloves donned and I'm bathing those weeping wounds with the best raw, organic APV one can get in Thirroul (you have to do it multiple times per day). The juries out on Day 1 but the poor pup is getting some TLC, some tasty fur to suck + the acrid, vinegar smell is covering up
'Eau de Musty Mutt' nicely.


  1. Oh poor Rufy. I actually have a book all about the wonders of Apple Cider Vinegar - it is a 'cure all' for all manner of ailments apparently.

  2. Ahh, the first hairy goldy love o my life! Rufy, you are delicious and that is nothing a trip to see aunty heather in Melbourne wont fix.

    Moosh to the boys xxxx

  3. Oh lady, that sounds awful! Hope the apple cider vinegar does the trick. Kellie xx

  4. Hello lovely lady,
    I met you at Blogopolis and have been meaning to say that I love your blog ever since. Now I have the fabulous opportunity to bestow you with the Liebster Blog award. I am not sure if you fit all the criteria, but I'm not great at following rules and I just wanted to steal this opportunity to say, 'I love your work!'
    Cybele x