Waiting, watching

My mum arrived yesterday. Of course I was late to collect her - I spent the morning cleaning like a woman possessed, scrubbing away a month of domestic apathy in her honor. I promised Gus some up close plain spotting, so after throwing her bags into the car we reentered the departures area for some aero-gazing. Yes, the boy is emerging in earnest. I wonder how many goobery, sweaty, germy little faces have been squished up against that glass.

Mum has flown in from WA to join us for Jaspers first day of high school next week. We were together when when I waved him off for his first day of primary school so it seems fitting she is here for the start of this new chapter.

Gus has her to himself until Friday when the big brothers return from their dads house. It will be a month since he clapped eyes on them and I know their reunion will be divine. He loves those boys.

Meanwhile a boy + his Gran are getting reacquainted.

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